Sunday, July 01, 2012

under construction? destruction? deconstruction?

I'm doing some cosmetic surgery on this blog before my conference at the end of the week, because if all goes well, I may round up some new readers (and because my blogrolls are getting longer and longer and longer).  So this site is getting some liposuction (shrinking the blogrolls in the sidebar), some moles removed (deleting the broken links), and some lifting and tightening (new photos of the kids).  I'm also transferring quite a few links to my Pinterest boards instead.  (Have I mentioned yet that I heart Pinterest?)

So for now, my blogrolls will look messy(er), but the plan is to get them updated within the next couple of days.

As long as I'm doing this housecleaning, do you have any suggestions for things to add or take away or change?


  1. This is probably only my issue, because my computer is slow, but your header picture is so big that I can't immediately tell if you have a new post. I have to wait for my computer to catch up so I can scroll down a tiny bit to see the title of the last post.

  2. Oh! It hadn't occurred to me that the header was taking up so much space. I've been thinking about updating the header photo anyway, since it doesn't really reflect the kids' language use (and Griffin is only two years old there)! Just need to find (or stage) an appropriate shot.

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck with the new readers, and I love the pics in the sidebar already :)

  4. Hi Sarah! How are you doing? My, you have two cute kids now! It's been a very long time since the last time we write to each other :D.

    We are still in Australia, already 2.5 years now. Answering to your question, since kids have been going to French school since we were living in Germany, their French and English develop almost equally (Joseph will start grade 4 in August, Louise will be in kindergarten)

    Joseph reads and writes in Indonesian language as well. Louise is still illiterate, but I plan to teach her read-write in Indonesian when she's on the 1st grade (just like what I did to Joseph).

    Thus, so far they are still trilinguals :D

    1. Hi Santi--it's so good to hear from you! Louise is already starting kindergarten?!

      I am very impressed that Joseph is both trilingual and triliterate (is that even a word?). Bravo to you! What a gift you and your husband are giving your children. Best wishes to all four of you.