Wednesday, April 20, 2011

scavenger hunts, family trivia, playing with photos, and more!

My last article in the series "Family, Friends, and Francais" has just been published at Multilingual Living.  This one covers tactile and kinesthetic activities you can do with your kids on our theme of friends and family. 

I'm hoping to squeeze in one more series of language-learning activities before Unicorn arrives--probably on the theme of food!  Do you have any recommendations for children's books about food in French or activity suggestions?  (I'll start with the ones we read at French storytime last month, of course.)


  1. Hello Sarah -

    My name is Franck, I am French and live in New Jersey. My wife is from Spain and our kids, Elena (6 years old) and Pablo (3 years old) are learning English, Spanish and French.

    I like a lot all the resources you share about books.

    What helps me also in teaching French with food is to cook with Elena and Pablo. I describe all the things I do and delegate tasks, all in French.

    Example: "I take the carrots and peel them. Elena, can you take the carrots and wash them? Pablo, take the parsley leaves and put them into the bowl"

    Combining the "doing" with the "listening" helps Elena and Pablo memorize the name of the vegetables.

  2. Bonjour, Hola, and Hello Franck! Thank you for your message. Yes, I agree that the narrating and delegating in the minority language, especially when doing a fun activity like cooking, is ideal!

    I enjoyed looking at your blog--but when I went back to leave comments, your posts had disappeared! Will you be continuing to blog there? (Hope so!)

    By the way, would you be willing to let me profile your trilingual family on this blog, please? (You can see some samples via the tag "profiles" in my sidebar.) If so, please write to me at babybilingual AT gmail DOT com.

  3. This probably wouldn't work for storytime, but this might give you some ideas:

    I thought this was awesome and would be perfect for preschoolers! Has potential to be recreated in felt, and peanut butter could then easily be added, non?