Sunday, April 17, 2011

nouveaux livres pour Griffin (et moi!)

My parents just returned from a river cruise between Paris and Normandy during which they visited historic sites, ate authentic meals (including one at a French lady's home), and went shopping for their bilingual grandson!  I had given them a wish list of books that would appeal to Griffin (and me), like specific collections of comptines with CDs, fairy tales appropriate for preschoolers (nothing too gory), children's magazines, and some more Petit Ours Brun.  My maman speaks French, so she was able to hunt almost all of them down!  (And she reports that she enjoyed the chase.)  Merci mille fois, Maman!!!


  1. Don't you hate it when parents have more fun than their kids? I'm glad you got so much out if, though. Have fun reading!

  2. Sarah

    You brought a knowing smile to my face... when I buy books and DVD's for Poppette I know that I too am going to really enjoy them.. In fact for the time being whilst she is so young I may even be the only one that actually enjoys them! I recently bought the Tro-Tro Integrale DVD box set and highly recommend itif you don't have it already. The price for the 6 DVDs (each with 13 episodes on) was 23 euros - the price for one DVD on its own is 9.99 so a great saving! Enjoy your new resources.

    P.s. have you had a look at Audible.FR (I intend to do a post on this later this week)but its a great was to get audio without worrying about shipping costs etc

  3. @E: I will definitely have fun reading and singing, whether Griffin does or not!

    @Bonne Maman: Thank you for the recommendations! I have heard of both but never investigated them.