Thursday, April 21, 2011

spring cleaning

This blog is coming up on its fifth anniversary--yay!--and I'm having more and more trouble locating specific posts from the past.  If it's unwieldy for me, it certainly must be for my readers.  So I'm adding extra tabbed pages to the main page of the blog to collect some of the posts worth highlighting and to put descriptions of some of my favorite resources all in one place.  And as I have way too many post-its floating around with notes of funny things Griffin has said, I'll also use one new page as a place to collect his Griffinisms.

Any suggestions, recommendations, or requests of elements, categories, or ideas to include?


  1. To save some room, you can set the options for your tags list so it appears as a cloud and the specific tags are sized proportionately to how often they are used. I turned off the setting to display how many posts have that tag, but you can leave that on. I'll be following this comment thread; I am currently mulling over ways to better organize my own blog!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Kendra! I have thought about using the "cloud" format, but I like having my tags in alphabetical order. (Or wait--maybe they would stay that way? I'll check.)

    Hey, I can't see your blog! Is it related to bilingualism?

  3. They do stay alphabetical if you use the cloud style, and it fits more tags on one line so it saves some space.

    My blog ( isn't related to bilingualism except for the occasional post where I mention the bits of German my daughter is learning. It's really just a personal blog for my own reflection and for family and friends to keep up to speed with our lives. I was too intimidated to practice OPOL as a non-native German speaker (major props to you for your accomplishments using it, seriously!)I follow your blog and I've been inspired to speak more German with my older daughter. She'll be 3 in July and has really shown huge interest in it and has picked up some of the more frequent expressions (i.e., she only says good night to us in German anymore)
    Wow, I just wrote a book! Anyway, keep up the good work and keep inspiring parents to integrate another language into their childrens' lives! Even though I don't feel I completely fit into the bilingual parent scene, I am still inspired!