Wednesday, February 09, 2011

too late to tell you about Christmas storytime?

I know, I know, it's February, but I'd been planning to blog about every French storytime that we offer at the library where I work!

New to this blog? Read about our storytime history here:

Our last storytime in December presented books about Christmas and songs about winter (because that's what we know and those were the books we had access to--thanks, Les Petits Livres, for loaning us more books for this storytime!) Belated apologies to anyone attending who doesn't celebrate Christmas. We're volunteers and doing the best that we can!

We read a cloth book about a little rabbit preparing for Père Noël's visit on Christmas Eve,

which featured cute manipulatives (a stuffed rabbit to tuck onto a sled or under the covers, doors to open, ornaments to velcro onto a tree, and so forth)

and the charming Cher Père Noël by Jeanne Ashbé.
(I think we read one other book, but I didn't take notes because, of course, I was going to write a post about it right away!)

In addition to our regular opening song ("Dans la forêt lointaine") and closing song ("Ainsi font font font les petites marionnettes"), we also sang "Vive le vent" and "Clic clac dans les mains" (here are all the words, which I couldn't find on a website):

Refrain: Clic clac
Dans les mains
Ça les réchauffe,
Ça les réchauffe
Clic clac
Dans les mains
Ça les réchauffe bien.

C'est l'hiver,
C'est l'hiver,
Chantent les flocons.
C'est l'hiver,
Bonhomme de neige
Faisons une ronde.


C'est Noël,
C'est Noël,
La fête la plus belle.
C'est Noël,
Petit Père Noël,
Je t'attends dans le ciel.


For this one, we encouraged the kids to clap their hands and rub their hands together to warm them as directed by the song. For "Vive le vent," since it's to the tune of "Jingle Bells," we passed out the library's bells-on-sticks for the children to shake in rhythm to the music. (Yeah, the French version isn't about bells. At all. But hey, we're volunteers and we're doing the best that we can! Besides, every kid loves to ring bells.)

Our next storytime, "l'amour" (in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day), is coming up soon, which means I had better blog in the next couple of days about our January storytime (les dinosaures)! Stay tuned....


  1. Hooray! I missed reading about your story times :). I'm glad to see you DID manage to keep it going into the New Year, I'm going to try and start a Spanish story time at my local library, but I'm still too nervous and novice right now...I think I'd like to plan out a couple of meetings ahead of putting my foot in my mouth in public.

  2. Yes, we're thrilled that the library is happy to let us continue with this twice-monthly volunteer storytime! We've also got two more helpers now, so that means less work for each one of us (though we still have to get together to plan it all out, a task that tends to be faster if you're just doing it by yourself).

    Good luck with your goal of starting a Spanish storytime--can you find someone to share the work, maybe a native speaker to bounce ideas off of and find out what songs and nursery rhymes are best known?

    Keep us posted!