Saturday, February 12, 2011

dinosaures dans la bibliothèque!

Griffin and I missed out on the January French storytime session because he had an emergency visit to the pediatrician (don't ask). Fortunately, this didn't mean I left Delphine, my co-storytime-leader, in the lurch, because we had decided to structure the program differently this semester!

To make it easier on us two, we asked for other volunteers to help lead the storytimes. Two other friends volunteered, one non-native speaker like me and one native speaker. So now there are four of us to share the prep work, which means that I only need to co-present once a month (our storytimes take place twice a month)! I am truly looking forward to attending with Griffin and being able to relax and listen and enjoy.

While I didn't attend the most recent storytime, I was at French playgroup when Delphine and Jenny were planning it, so at least I can relate what they covered here on the blog.

With dinosaurs as the theme, they had a topic that definitely appealed to the kids, but they struggled to find materials in French to share. They ended up taking a book or two in English and translating them into French, along with a song about dinosaurs marching. They also had a physical activity planned where the children tromped around the room like dinosaurs. And of course, everyone also sang the songs we traditionally use to open and close the storytimes.

Afterwards, the families adjourned to the arts and crafts area of the library, where they found crayons and coloring pages featuring dinosaurs. While the kids decorated their dinos, the parents were able to chat in French!

Everyone says it was a very fun session and that the kids loved it. I know Griffin would have! (You see, he still asks, hopefully, if we'll see dinosaurs the next time we go to the zoo.)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, when will you do more family profiles? I used to love reading them...not that your more recent post haven't been interesting.

    Also, can I ask what you intend to do for Griffins PreSchool-Kindergarten and Elementary years of education?

    Are you going to put him in an ecole, bilingual school, homeschool him a little in French or just let him go to mainstream public school?

    How do you plan to maintain French as Griffin grows?

  2. Oh! Thanks for the reminder! I do have a family profile ready to post and will do so soon.

    The issue of Griffin's schooling will require a much longer post. Summary: we hope he will attend the local bilingual (English-Spanish) elementary school, along with its preschool, but it's too late to enroll him for the three-year-old class in the fall.