Sunday, May 20, 2012

shameless campaigning

Vote the Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2012
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I would be so flattered if you would consider voting for my blog in Lexiophile's annual Top 100 Language Lovers contest.

Every year, Lexiophiles gathers nominations for nearly 1000 blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds--covering just about every aspect of languages you can think of!--and lets its readers vote for their favorites.  It's an impressive list of writers from all over the world and I'm thoroughly pleased to be included in their company.  (Bringing up Baby Bilingual has been nominated in the category of Language Learning Blogs.)

Why pick this blog?  How about because for six years I've been chronicling this challenge of being a non-native speaker teaching French to the children in my life, which means 4+ years of never using English with my own son and daughter!  I'm sharing my stories and resources here so that other parents don't have to start from scratch as I did. 

(Plus we now have a nifty Pinterest page.)

A vote for moi means a shout of support for all the parents using non-native languages with their kiddos and a big ol' merci to all the teachers who have brought us to the point where we're able to do so!!!

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