Thursday, September 08, 2011

Griffin's and Gwyneth's first garage sale

(Rental, yes.  But not for sale!)

We participated in the neighborhood garage sale a couple of weekends ago.  Had to make room for Gwyneth and her adorable baby girl garments, which meant getting rid of a lot of my old "teacher" clothes.  (When am I going to wear a blazer again?  I certainly don't need six of them.) 

We also set out books (for children and adults), posters, and memorabilia from France that I didn't want to keep for various reasons.  To my delight, this meant that a few of the browsers let me know that they spoke French too!  Griffin was a little confused as to why strangers were buying teapots and speaking his second language to his mother in his driveway, but he soon accepted it (and I was proud when he would say a few things to them in French).

I had kind of hoped that Sarah-ten-years-ago would stop by.  I used to frequent yard sales in my twenties, looking for eccentric decorations, kitchen tools, funky clothes, and props to use when teaching, and I would have loved to stumble upon Sarah-now's yard sale (many items of which, now that I think about it, came from yard sales).  It would have been fun to help a new French teacher stock up on stuff!  Instead, I got to meet a few francophile neighbors and two women born in France, and Griffin and Gwyneth got to hear new people speaking French in real life for real communicative purposes. 

Every little bit counts!


  1. Aww. Gwyneth looks adorable. Glad you're having fun. Dani is speaking a smidge of Spanish now. Bless abuelita... :)

  2. Muchas gracias!

    I bet that Dani understands a lot more than she speaks....