Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 down, 10 to go!

It occurs to me that I haven't had a lot to say about my pregnancy on this blog this time around.  But other than awful "morning" sickness till 20 weeks, pronounced fatigue, and a scare at 22 weeks when I had regular contractions for 12+ hours and spent the night in the hospital,  everything has gone swimmingly.  No other aches and pains or problems to complain of--I feel much better in my third trimester of this pregnancy than I did in the first two trimesters or when Griffin was gestating!

My husband and I have met with my doula to discuss my birth plan (I'll be making a few changes this time around, like asking for an epidural!), and she gave us a lot of concrete suggestions of how to make the new baby's arrival easier on Griffin.

In the meantime, we're still trying to move huge amounts of books and papers and boxes from my home office to our recently-finished basement so that Unicorn can have her own room.  (At the rate we're going, though, she'll end up sleeping in a drawer for the first six months!)  (Not that she would even care!)

I'm looking forward to some visits from family and friends over the next two months (though I've warned them that rather than going into full-on hostess mode, I'll be defrosting lasagnas for dinner) and getting my substitute and a grad student intern trained at work so that they can take over the running of my Reading Buddies programs in June.  (I'll cut back on my hours but still plan on working up until the week I'm due.)  Griffin is enrolled for two full days per week at his preschool so that he can go on summer field trips with the other kids.

And I'm almost done with his first-year scrapbook, which I desperately want to finish before the next kid shows up!


  1. Hi Sarah - I can totally imagine what you've been through. Glad to hear all is fine healthwise in the 3rd trimester - at least! I still have some scrapbooking projects pending, and no idea when I will have time to finish them! (and whether...)
    Wishing you all the best for this last bit!

  2. Good luck Sarah...hopefully in 8-10 weeks the little one will be here.

  3. Congrats! Almost there...

    I am also pregnant I haven't mentioned it at all but everyone now I'll prb write up a little blog post about giving birth in Paris. It's a madhouse here! Lots to blog about from doctors visits to trying to get into a hospital (all are full at 6 weeks pregnant for my birth month!).

    I am 19 weeks today and it's a GIRL!

    What are you having again?

    Yes epidural is in my future as well ;-)

  4. Great Sarah, it's almost going to happen faster than you think. About 8 - 10 weeks and that little one will be here ultimately.

    Good luck Sarah...hopefully in 8-10 weeks the little one will be here.

  5. My baby girl and I appreciate your well wishes!

    TN--Felicitations on your pregnancy!