Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Griffin conjugates in Spanish!

So Griffin has been learning a little Spanish at preschool, and he showed a lot of interest in the language during our recent trip to Mexico, but it's not something I'm making an effort to reinforce at home because I feel like he just barely gets enough French from me.  I just don't want to "dilute" it with another language yet (even though we are hoping that we can enroll him in a bilingual elementary school in two years).

So imagine my surprise when Griffin corrected his father's Spanish the other day!  Ed was singing a tune from our Music Together class called "Don Alfredo Baila," but he was mispronouncing the verb as bailo ("I dance" instead of "he dances").  Griffin looked up at him, said, "Don Alfredo baila, Daddy," and went back to making a mess with monkeys, cars, and blocks.



  1. ¡Muy bien, Griffin! Ha, ha

    I think he's going to speak more than 2 languages!

  2. At least Spanish shares linguistic heritage with French, so there's some oblique advantage to his French. It may be worth letting some Spanish in, it might surprise you at how he responds.

  3. I do hope he can eventually learn as many languages as he wants! I would be thrilled if he could get more comfortable with Spanish even before starting the bilingual elementary school. To that end, yesterday we put him on the waiting list for the preschool at the bilingual school!