Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hands-on French activities for the home and the computer

My final article for the "Maison" series at Multilingual Living has just been published: Tactile and Kinesthetic Activities.

Here's a recap of the others if you'd like to try them all:

My next series will debut in January with the theme of "friends and family." Any suggestions for songs, stories, or activities that could help kids learn and practice related vocabulary in French?


  1. thanks so much for the post. one can never have too many resources. i a also currently studying BA literature specialising in creative writing. it is long distance studying so i only did 3 subject this year. they sent me the new registration papers last week though and as i was reviewing everything that i would or wanted or was going to take, i realised that i will be specialising in french, which really excites me.

  2. Keda, congratulations on figuring out how to specialize in French! I actually double majored for my BA too--Creative Writing and French. I think you'll have a lot of fun with your degree.