Wednesday, September 08, 2010

storytime en français!

Exciting news--the Boulder Public Library is going to start offering a French storytime every other week this fall!

This is just the kick in the fesses that I need to get Griffin and me socializing en français again--we haven't been to the French playgroup since May because my work schedule changed over the summer and then I signed him up for dinosaur class. But now that our Monday mornings are free again, we need to go hear other kids (and their mamans and papas) speaking French.

Part of me still wants to form a French playgroup closer to home--the other is a 25-minute drive--at a more convenient time, like a Friday afternoon, which would be good for me and for parents who work as teachers and for kids who are in school during the day, or a weekend, so working parents who can't attend the Monday morning playgroup could participate. But I never figured out where or when to do it, or whether I wanted to suggest that it be more structured than just "come play and speak French."

But in the meantime, I'll gladly join another group that someone else has taken the trouble to form and is willing to lead! The first meeting is on September 21 (the first and third Tuesday of the month at 10:15 at the main library), and you can be sure that I'll write about it here. Babar, Petit Prince, and T'choupi, here we come!


  1. Wonderful! I am trying to start a French storytime at our local public library in Maine, so it's good to know that someone else is doing it. I would love to hear how it's structured and what works best (as well as what doesn't work so well). Will it be all in French, for example, or will there be explanations in English?

  2. I'll let you know, Susan! It looks like a community member/volunteer will be leading it, not a librarian. Good for your for trying to organize one yourself! I'll look forward to hearing more about your efforts. Will you write about it on your blog?