Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy New…er…February!

I might not have posted for three months, but I promise that I'm still speaking exclusively French with my kiddos!  And leading a monthly French immersion storytime and running a monthly French immersion playdate and tutoring three children in French and teaching Griffin to write in French….I just can't find time to blog about it.

For now, I'll just have to content myself with posting a cute photo of G&G quietly sharing a book.  Moments like this fill me with such joy and peace.

Or, rather, big brother resigning himself to the fact that little sister will always be peering over his shoulder.


  1. Hey! Love your blog! A woman recently recommended it to me since I am English speaking raising my daughter bilingual with French. I'm wondering if you had ever thought of starting a FB group of parents teaching their children French? Would be a nice forum for questions and ideas. I'm the only person I know doing this, so I would love to have a pace to hear what others are doing. Thanks again for the great blog!

  2. There is a group called french-speaking parents in the US.

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