Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bonne Année 2014!

Wishing you many wonderful adventures in the new year.  Stay warm!

cousins dans la neige


  1. Bonne année à toi aussi, Sarah! Here in France we celebrated "les Rois Mages" on the 6th january. To celebrate this event we eat a wonderful cake called "la galette des rois".
    If you are looking for something new to read to your children in French, I suggest you "Roule galette", a picture book about a "galette" eaten by a fox...

  2. Thank you! We do know and love that story. Plus, several cute versions of it exist on YouTube--I will look up the URLs and share them.

    I have fond memories of the "galettes des rois" party I attended the year I was an Assistante in a lycee--couldn't believe that the administrators brought champagne to school for the teachers! I still have the feve I found that of my favorite souvenirs of France.