Sunday, September 01, 2013

bilingual parent bloggers!

Oops--I forgot to submit a post to the blogging carnival by bilingual parents for August, and then I forgot to announce here that the post was up at Perogies and Gyoza!  Thanks to Jen for curating another very cool collection of posts.


  1. My husband and I are non-natovr speakers. I lived in Paris, and yet muddied my nearly forgotten intermediate French learning Swedish. My husband, has a stronger vocabulary, even though he only studied in high school some 25 years ago! We do speak French at home with our girls. We were lucky to have a native speaker as our nanny, but our schedules are no longer compatible. Local schools have dropped French programs, and I am struggling to maintain a second language. Our girls are just 4 and soon 3. My eldest can no longer pronounce a once popular phrase, "je voudrais..." Thanks for blogging. It inspires me to keep trying.

    1. Wow, Nancy--thank you for your very kind words. Hip hip hooray for us non-native speakers! It's tough, though, isn't it? Is there an Alliance Francaise or similar cultural center where you live? Playgroups or storytimes in French for your daughters? Maybe could provide some possibilities? Or perhaps your former nanny has some francophone friends....

      It's so discouraging to hear that your schools are dropping French--does that include the high schools?

      Bonne chance, bon courage!

  2. Salut Sarah! I am giving away a book in English, French or Spanish on my blog. If you want to enter, here's the link. Thank you!