Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's new at Bringing up Baby Bilingual? (January 2012)

Mon fils can write his own prénom!   Uncoached!  Up to this point, I've drawn dots for him to connect so that he could "sign" his name on cards.  Yesterday, I was in a hurry and just told him to write "Griffin," fully expecting to see some cheerful, vigorous scribbles as a result.  Wowza!  He learned to write his name when we weren't looking!

Ma fille now likes to ride on mes épaules.
(Oh, did you think I meant "What's new on the blog?" Dear readers, thanks, once again, for indulging my habit of gratuitously posting photos of my kiddos.)

Here's what I've added to the blogroll recently:

French Today, a blog of fun and useful resources for practicing your French and learning about French culture (written by the the owner of a company that sells mp3 French classes--I just bought one with fairy tales because it sounded like it would help both me and Griffin).

She also shares some video clips of her daughter speaking and singing in French--adorable, plus it's important to me that Griffin see other children using French.

Parisian Fields, a very well-written, beautifully-photographed blog about the City of Lights, focusing on history and culture from the perspective of a Canadian francophile couple.

Vos questions de parents, "Pour aider vos enfants a grandir," a website in French with activities and advice divided up by children's ages.

PicassoHead, a face drawing game that you can play with your young children (and that older kids can play by themselves).  While it's not a language-based game, it provides lots of opportunities to discuss facial features using vocabulary more sophisticated than just "nose" and "smile" and "brown eyes" in the target language.

Get Bilingual, a growing series of YouTube tutorials about teaching your own second language to your children (or just staying a step ahead as you learn along with them).

And in a new category for my blogroll, "Global Learning," because I wanted to highlight these blogs and websites that encourage learning about other cultures and countries, even though most of these links don't focus specifically on languages:

Global Table Adventure, a blog by a mom whose family is learning about the culture and food of every country in the world (in alphabetical order) via their own kitchen in the US.

InCulture Parent, "a magazine for parents raising little global citizens" with articles and essays, including some by bloggers I really admire, Jan and Souad from BabelKid and Coco from Multilingual Mama.

Moms Gone Global, "helping parents raise happy, healthy, globally-enlightened kids," with crafts, activities, recipes, and more, with a global flare.

Drag-and-drop Middle East map quiz--because the region stretches as far west as French-speaking Morocco (and because I can't keep my -stans straight)

And what links would you like to recommend?

Oh, okay, if you insist: one more photo.  This is my niece Eleanor (14 months) with her  baby cousin Gwyneth.


  1. Thanks for posting these links....they sound really interesting! I´ll be checking some of them out!

  2. Great links, thanks!

    How fab that your son is writing his name unaided now! What a milestone!