Wednesday, March 23, 2011

recommended reading: books in French about family and friends

Multilingual Living has just published my article with an annotated list of children's books (in French) about love between parents and children, sibling relationships, and friendship. It's part of the series "Family, Friends, and Francais" and I'd love for you to come visit. Please leave comments there if you know of other books that belong on the list!


  1. greetings sarah et al. i read your blog often and wanted to offer congratulations @ the expected arrival of unicorn. your blog has been a great resource for our family. dh and i are native english speakers; i speak "survival french"'; and we are rearing our daughters bilingually in french/english. all the best.

  2. Thank you! Bon courage to you and your bilingual family. May I ask where you live and how your daughters are learning French?

  3. greetings again. we live in california. i began introducing my eldest to french @ age 2 with books, stories, games, etc. and then enrolled her in a french immersion pre-k/elementary school. she is fully bilingual. the youngest will follow the same pattern although she has been exposed to more french at an earlier age since i speak french with the eldest at home.
    thanks again. we have greatly benefitted from your blog.

  4. An immersion French elementary school? Oh, je suis jalouse!

    If you have been speaking French with your family all this time, then it sounds like you're well beyond "survival French"! Bravo to you.