Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who knew you could play online Peter Rabbit games in French?!

Worms, scavenger hunts, interactive Peter Rabbit games, "Jacques a dit," online cooking, comptines....you'll find all this (and more!) in my fourth (and final!) installment of the series "Learning French In and Around the Garden" over at Multilingual Living, all about hands-on, kinesthetic activities you can do to help your kids learn or practice French.

In fact, a lot of the activities I describe in the series will work regardless of what language you want your children to speak! Here are the first three articles if you want to see for yourself....

Part I: Music, rhythm, and rhyme

Part II: Art and drama activities

Part III: Literacy activities

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  1. Thanks for all the links. I have the 1st 2 in my mailbox and somehow I missed the other 2, so this helps.

    And I love these pieces. They are really fun and practical. But fun is the most important.