Thursday, June 24, 2010

wait, no, that's not what I wanted!

Darn this Pandora's Box....Blogger said "see new templates!" and I thought "Okay!" and now I can't get my original one back and I don't like any of the new options so far but I don't have time to deal with it right now.

Please consider this entire layout a work in progress!

Sunday, June 27
Update: Now I'm happier with it. What do you think of my makeover? :)


  1. lol - that's the way it goes, Murphy and all. Try a new template anyway. They are a lot of fun and you know they say a change is as good as a holiday. Don't know if you have the New Template Designer, but under that function you have a lot more options and the ability to personalize your template.

    Good luck anyway!

  2. Thanks for the glass-is-half-full perspective! I guess changing your blog template is like repainting the walls of your home and moving the furniture around.

  3. Okay, it's looking better now. And it was time for me to change the pictures in the header anyway, right? Griffin was only two months old in those!