Wednesday, October 21, 2009

gee whiz!

Griffin's daycare follows a "curriculum" even in the toddler room. I kind of rolled my eyes when the teachers told me about the phonics program they use with the kids--I mean, they're less than two years old! Some of them don't even talk yet!

Griffin started bringing home worksheets like "Color the pictures that have an M in them." As you might imagine, his coloring skills are limited to the scrawls he makes in between sucking on the crayon. (Or, even worse, the magic marker.)

Yesterday, the teachers presented the letter G. After I picked Griffin up, we went to the grocery store. He was peering at my shopping list, which is from a notepad with a big colorful G printed in the corner, and he pointed to the letter and said "Cheee!"

"Cheese?" I asked. "Tu veux du fromage?"


"G?" I repeated, using the English name for the letter.

"Yeah. Cheee," he informed me matter-of-factly, and proceded to pluck my pen out of my hand and put it in his mouth. "Cheee."


  1. I know! they really are little sponges :)

  2. Wow, how smart! My mother started teaching me letters from right when I learned to talk. We would even play a game where I would give her 2 letters and she would say what sound they make together and vice versa. I was reading at 5th grade level by the time I was in 1st grade. Must work!

  3. Such cute little sponges, too! Carl's reading (in English) already, and he's not even four yet.

    Update: Two weeks later, Griffin no longer points to any letters and tries to identify them. On the other hand, he has finally started refering to himself by name: Gee. Gee!