Tuesday, October 27, 2009

gabbing with Griffin

A month or two ago, Griffin and I had our first real conversation. Here's my attempt at a transcription/translation:

Maman: Tu t'es bien amusé à la garderie aujourd'hui? (Did you have fun at daycare today?)
Griffin: Yeah.
M: Qu'est-ce que tu y as fait? (What did you do there?)
G: Ami. (Friend.)
M: Tu as vu tes amis? (You saw your friends?)
G: Yeah.
M: Tu as joué avec tes amis? (Did you play with your friends?)
G: Tay-oh.
M: Tu as joué avec Mateo? (You played with Mateo?)
G: Wee-ah.
M: Tu as joué avec Sophia? (You played with Sophia?)
G: Yeah.
M: Qui d'autre? (Who else?)
G: Mah-choo.
M: Tu as joué avec Matthew? (You played with Matthew?)
G: Ami!!! (Friend!!!)

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  1. wow that's a great conversation! I really hope I can get to that level with my daughter, I think I just have to talk a lot more to her in French. Thanks for stopping by my blog too :) The flashcards were really quick to whip up as I just used clipart and a powerpoint presentation and printed them out. I used precut business cards laminate from the dollarstore to laminate them so it really was a quick project.