Thursday, October 16, 2008

a Very Big Check

Good news for the reading enrichment program that I coordinate at the library: we won the $1000 grant we had applied for this summer! Because so many of you nominated us, we had a very strong chance of winning the drawing. We really appreciate your support: in this predominantly grant-funded program with an annual budget of $12,000, $1000 makes a big impact, extending our funding into 2009 and helping us help more kids get excited about books. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Here we are with the Very Big Check:


  1. Sarah, are you planning to attend TESOL 2009 in Denver? I am an ESL teacher in Denver and I'm helping promote the conference. I'm interested in connecting with more FLT and bilingual educators in Colorado. Contact me and we can talk about the conference and I can get you an advance program. Jessica Montgomerie,

  2. Jessica--yes I am! I'm even part of a group presenting a pre-convention workshop on readers' theatre! I'll be in touch.

  3. Sarah - congratulations. I wrote a comment on your blog months and months ago about speaking German to my then-little-baby-now-16-month-old. I guess I just wanted to update you and other mothers who are trying to go bilingual with their babies.

    Things have been going better than I thought they would. Joshua is old enough now to understand what I am saying and show me. Although he doesn't speak yet (which I was anticipating) he understands almost every command and question. What also thrills me is that when other people speak to him in English, he also seems to understand and can follow their simple commands.

    When I wrote before I was nervous about being a non native German speaker in a non-German speaking country with little confidence in my abilities. I still wouldn't say I'm so fabulous in German, but seeing success makes me feel better.

    Thanks for your blog.

  4. What a great blog. I started teaching my daughter Danish this year (and I'm teaching myself right along with her). I'm pleased to announce that she is picking up the new words really fantastically and I am excited about it. I wish there were more blogs like this to give me ideas.

  5. I've just read your column from MLL for this month. I completely agree. Speaking German is WAY harder than I thought, and I have pretty much stopped. I keep meaning to blog about it, but it's hard to admit that I can't do it anymore. I am just way too tired, my German is not good enough, and the twins are really speech delayed at this point. I think about how hard it is for native speaking parents to keep their dc fluent in the ml and I think, yeah, I just don't have that much energy to do something (speak a non-native ml) that is that unnatural!

  6. Congrats ! great going. Hope you will get more. God bless you.

    Can any one tell me the date of TESOL 2009????