Wednesday, October 08, 2008

remember moi?

Yikes--has it really been almost a month and a half since I posted anything? I don't have any significant reason--just a combination of working overtime, various illnesses (colds and an ear infection for Griffin, colds and strep throat for me), fatigue, and a renewed commitment to put my family first, which means assigning lower priority to activities like blogging. And then inertia kicks in, and I'm embarassed about not having kept up with reading and commenting on the blogs I used to read regularly (and not replying to the emails that readers have sent), and it's easier just to say "I'll work on the emails and the research and the reading and the writing when I have a nice long stretch of time to get caught up and be thorough and enjoy it."

Then I remember that I have an eight-month-old baby, which means that I won't have a "nice long stretch of time" for quite a while, unless I stay up late at night, which I've promised myself to stop doing. (I'm currently breaking that promise.)

But all is well chez nous, and I finally have new ideas that I want to write about and new materials that I want to share. And as soon as Griffin and I return next week from a trip to Indiana to celebrate my grandmother's 94th birthday, I'll be ready to spend some more time in the blogosphere. Thanks for your patience. See y'all soon!


  1. Glad to hear all is well. I was just about to write you an email to see if everything was okay. So sorry to hear about the ear infection and other illnesses... they're the worst! I know what you mean about re-prioritizing every so often-- it's easy to get out of whack. We're pulled in so many directions, but at the end of the day it's our loved ones that matter:) Best of luck for a great fall.

  2. I've been staying up way too late as well! Glad all is well!

  3. It's so tough to find a balance, isn't it? Nearly every night I say, "I should have gone to bed two hours ago!" I'll admit I was about to try to get in touch with you to be sure all was well. Glad it is. :)

  4. Bonjour! Thanks for popping by my blog - love what I see and read here, will be back asap when I've a free moment - Bonne journée..:)

  5. Hi Sarah & Griffin,
    I have been meaning to write you sooner and discuss bringing up bilingual babies. I met you guys at the Good Sams. breastfeeding group almost 5 months ago. I am teaching my son Matthew (7 1/2months old now) the Czech language. I am starting to freakout, because he is not pronouncing anything English or Czech. Am I confusing him? But, he had three bad double ear infections back to back.

    I would love to chat and get some advice. ~Carolyn,

  6. Welcome back Sarah..

    It's great that you enjoyed your time with your family members. But sad that you were ill. Now glad to see you on blogging once again. :)