Monday, July 28, 2008

top 100 language blogs--including moi?!

I'm pleased as punch* to report that the writers of Lexiophiles have designated Bringing up Baby Bilingual as one of the top 100 blogs about language and education . While it's very flattering to have complete strangers who are passionate about linguistics publicly announce that this blog is among the best out there, I'm especially excited to visit the dozens of other blogs they recommend! I do read a few of them regularly already, but most are new to me. Exploring them is going to be fun--but my already-long blogroll is threatening to collapse under the weight of so many fabulous websites! Will it be able to take any more? Stay tuned!

*"Pleased as punch"? Who drinks punch any more? Really, I should say that I'm "pleased as a slushy watermelon mojito," but that doesn't roll trippingly off the tongue.


  1. Sarah - Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, which I found only tonight. I am fascinated with your "Bringing Up Baby Bilingual" blog, especially since I was a total failure at bringing my own daughter (now nearly 22 years old) bilingual.

    BTW, her father is an applied linguist (teaches at Pitt, in the Dept. of Instruction and Learning, he directs all Foreign Language Education programs) who does know quite a bit about the "theory" of raising bilingual kids (and he was there too when we failed doing so with our daughter, but that's another story - lots of issues in our marriage at the time...). He has remained my best friend, though.

  2. Felicitations! A well deserved honor!

  3. ¡Felicitaciones! So well-deserved! :)