Thursday, June 19, 2008

hard at work

Not only does Griffin inspire many of my blog posts, but as you can see, he's also been helping me upgrade the layout. (It's still a work-in-progress, but so far, so good.) Who knew that he'd learn html before French or English?!

Griffin also helps out with the laundry.


  1. OMG! Griffin looks adorable in both pictures! Happy 2nd birthday to your blog! Although lately I don't always leave a comment, I keep reading your blog religiously. How are you doing as a new mom? Did you pass all those baby blues tears?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Your blog makeover is coming along great and your pictures are awesome!

    Little Griffin has so much character. He's a natural on camera.

    Also, thanks for recommending my blog. Take care.

  3. Thanks, y'all. Yep, I believe I'm past the baby blues stage--I'm definitely enjoying spending time with G and being a "maman." Life is feeling manageable again. Different, yes, but manageable.

    And yes, G does show a lot of personality in the photos--but that's nothing compared to him in person! He makes us smile so often.

  4. Griffin's adorable, Sarah! It's amazing to see how fast he's growing and changing. Your honesty about new maman-hood has helped me through the first month with Kellyn. Merci! BTW- my favorite song to sing to her happens to be in French- a French camp favorite called "Mon Vrai Destin"