Thursday, November 01, 2007

owls, bon-bons, and puns for Halloween

This is a guest post by Elizabeth, Carl's mom, which concludes with a delightful example of how Carl uses French when you least expect it:

So in the end, Carl wanted to go in the neighbor's yard to look at their Halloween decorations. We said he had to put on his owl costume to go in the neighbor's yard. He was suddenly very willing to wear it.

We went to four neighbors. Carl rang the doorbells, though when they opened the door he tried to go inside. He said "trick or treat" twice after prompting, and "thank you" every time after prompting. Then we drove to Tatie and Tonton's neighborhood where a neighbor was having a small party that included several small children. The girls were fighting over the balls. Carl went for the kitchen utensils, though he played with the balls a little later too.

Eventually I convinced Carl it was time to leave and we rejoined Steve who was manning the door at home. Carl was beginning to get this whole "trick or treat" thing just as it was ending. He called the candy "blue trick or treat" (crunch bars) and "brown trick or treat" (twix bars) and wanted me to open the door so he could give it to someone. Poor Carl, there was no one at the door to give it to. I saw a woman walking her dog whom I called over and who kindly indulged me when I asked her to tell Carl "trick or treat" so he could give someone the candy.

I convinced Carl to get ready for bed by telling him he could hold onto the "blue trick or treat" while we did diaper and jammies and things. He started picking at the edges and found he could tear open the paper. "Bon-bon! Trick or treat has bon-bon," he declared. "Carl eat," he then said, and took a big bite.

Back to Sarah: I also dressed up for Halloween, capitalizing on my increasingly round belly: I wore my regular maternity clothes, but used safety pins to attach cards words like "couldn't," "we'll," she's," "I'm," and so forth. So that made me a pregnant woman…wait for it...

having contractions!


  1. aarrgh! beats head on wall from pun-ishment

  2. Tee-hee! I knew I could count on family to appreciate the pun. Many people at the party we went to just didn't get it!

  3. That's adorably clever.

  4. Hee! I love punny costumes. A couple years ago, Mark wrapped a bunch of that spider-web stuff around himself and attached slips of paper that said things like "The check's in the mail," etc. He was a Web of Lies.

    Also, I believe this is the first official baby-bump photo I've seen of you. Hooray!

  5. Thanks, Madame M and Tara! I like Mark's web of lies idea too.