Saturday, September 08, 2007

C'est un garçon!

Look at those cute little feet (les pieds)! Croissant squirmed and danced his way through the ultrasound (l'échographie).

He's got the Duex family pointy chin (le menton) (like me) and his father's great smile (le sourire).

Here he's crooking the index finger (le doigt) of his left hand (la main) towards us, beckoning us to come closer.

And here's the proof that he's a he! (le you-know-what)


  1. Salut Sarah- What fun to see your little Croissant "vogue-ing" for the camera already! Thanks for posting these pictures. Hubby and I love hearing about the baking process. ;)
    gros bisous-Molly

  2. Congratulations!! Carl will have a buddy to talk about cars etc in French!

  3. Merci beaucoup, Molly and Santi!

    Yep, Santi, cars and food. If Croissant likes cars and food, he and his cousin will get along swimmingly!

    One of Ed's friends called this post "fetal porn"!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    What fabulous scan pics! Made my skin tingle! And a boy - how fabulous! I hope everything is going well for all three of you.

    Question: It's believed that babies start reacting to sounds outside the womb between 23 - 28 weeks. Are you going to be playing any French music to him or will you speak to your bump in French? I wonder if baby could pick up this sort of intellectual stimulation - even pre-birth? What do you think?

    My mum played Abba music all day when she was pregnant with me - and I have to say, I've always known the words to every Abba tune I've come across (even through I don't own any Abba CDs!)

    An incredibly nosey question I realise - so you don't have to answer it! I just thought I"d put it out there.

    Missing you! Love to you, Ed and le croissant!


  5. Hi Christine! Sorry, didn't see your comment till just now. How interesting that you were exposed to ABBA in utero and mysteriously know all the words even today! (I wouldn't have pegged your mum as an ABBA fan, though.)

    I feel strange speaking deliberately to my belly, not being able to see Croissant inside or feel any reactions to my voice (his kicks, though vigorous, are totally random). I figure he now hears me speaking French to Carl and friends, though, and I do listen to French movies and music and the news, so some of that probably filters down to him.

    I don't know if this counts as "intellectual stimulation" or not--but I have noticed that I swear less now and try never to raise my voice! So deep down I must believe that Croissant is listening.

    We miss you too!

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