Friday, May 27, 2016

where did the año go?!

Griffin and Gwyneth in front of their school, Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer
I sent my second grader and preschooler to school yesterday and they didn't come home.  Instead, at the end of the day, a rising kindergartener and a third grader greeted me with hugs and overstuffed backpacks and paleta-stained fingers.

a peanut of a rising kindergartener who only weighs 31 pounds--the big kids won't even notice her in the hallways and she'll get squished like un insecto--and a third grader who has lost several teeth and gained a pair of glasses in the past month!

And I cried during the end-of-the-year pre-K slide show.


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  2. They say that the easiest time to learn a second language is right away when you are a child. Thanks for the read!


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