Thursday, June 18, 2015

how to get a seven-year-old to pay attention during French storytime

Ask him if he wants to read one of the books to the little kids!  Here's Griffin with T'choupi au cirque, about the beloved penguin's trip to the circus with his grandfather.


  1. I like how confidently he reads in French! I've also asked for "help" a 7 year old boy that comes to our Spanish playgroup. But sometimes it's difficult to make him stop reading when I want to explain some ideas to the younger children. :-)

    1. What a great "problem" to have! I think it's so motivating for children to learn from older children.

      Griffin's confidence here blows me away--this was an entirely spontaneous undertaking, no practice beforehand, and he had never even read that particular book aloud. It's a good reminder that our kids absorb so much, even if they don't choose to speak the second language very much!