Tuesday, June 03, 2014

votez pour moi, svp!

I am honored to be in the 2014 edition of Lexiophiles' Top 100 Language Learning Blogs!

Each year, the website editors gather nominations for blogs, Twitterers, Facebook pages, and now YouTube channels about language learning and teaching.  Readers and visitors can then explore the top 100 nominees in each category and vote for their favorites.  The top vote-getters are then dubbed winners of the 2014 Language Lovers Awards.  (And there are some very strong contenders out there--it's an honor to be considered alongside them.  Heartfelt congratulations to all my fellow nominees.)

It would tickle me pink if you'd vote for me, please!  (The deadline to vote is June 9.)

Thanks for growing along with us.
PS: I like to think that my Pinterest account linked to Bringing up Baby Bilingual helps this blog stand out and stay helpful: even though I haven't been posting regularly lately, I keep adding lots of relevant links with my own comments and annotations about languages, reading instruction, French resources, apps, culture, and more on my Pinterest boards.

PPS: May 23 was Bringing up Baby Bilingual's eighth birthday!


  1. We have voted for your blog! Wish you good luck!

  2. Sarah, congratulations and I'd love to have your participation in the Multilingual Blogging carnival on the subject of monolinguals raising multilingual children. I think you'd have so much valuable insight to share. Message me if you need more details. Cheers, Maria

  3. Voted! Good luck! Fingers crossed for you and your blog.

  4. Wow! I'm one of the winners this year! Thanks!