Wednesday, February 26, 2014

my son "teme"s me!

Griffin made this with his magnetic mosaic activity; it's a picture of him and me beside an apple tree with a snowcapped mountain in the background.

And he wrote "je teme" (je t'aime) in magnets above this bucolic scene!

I "eme" him so much too.


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    1. Gracias!

      Oh, speaking of "mignon," here's a fun Spanish anecdote for you: When I picked Griffin up at school one day, another parent commented on how cute his sister was. When I asked Griff how to say "cute" in Spanish, he thought for a moment and confidently replied, "Cuto!"

      Of course, he was wrong, but that's a cool example of how he was starting to understand morphology in Spanish, his third language!

  2. Aww. Very cute. Ours is too small too make things like that now, but I like the idea of a small board for her when she's older to help her express herself. Much better than an electronic tablet. Suerte! (Good luck!)

    1. Hey, don't knock the tablet! My iPad allows me to give lots of comprehensible input in French to my kids!

      But yes, fun toys in a similar vein include the magnadoodle (which was the only way we could get Griffin to cooperate on airplanes when he was younger) and small dry-erase white boards.

      Suerte to you too! I have added your site to my blogroll and a Pinterest board.