Sunday, March 11, 2012

pinterested yet?

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So I just joined Pinterest as a way to gather together blogs, blog posts, resources, essays, and articles about French, reading readiness in English, children's books, crafts for kids, and so forth....I know, I know, you're thinking, "Sarah, you're already neglecting your blog!  Why are you adding another thing to keep track of online?"

Well, I'm hoping my Pinterest boards will complement my blog posts, give me ideas to write about, serve as a catalyst for developing language-rich activities to do with Griffin and Gwyneth, provide a format for all those websites I never get around to blogging about but still want to be able to find, and draw new readers here.  I also expect to connect with other like-minded parents, teachers, and word nerds by following their boards and finding out what they want to share!

Are any of you on Pinterest?  Let us know your username so we can follow you!  Any ideas for what I should include on my blog-related pinboards?

My Pinterest page is here (username: babybilingual).


  1. Ooh Pinterest is addictive! There's lots of kid's stuff on there, although it'll be interesting to have some bilingual related boards on there - I've not come across any so far. Have fun!

  2. Okay, I'm not always excited about new technology - I don't even text!! But I am happy to say I have encountered Pinterest :) And after looking at your board, I'm quite inspired! You've got fantastic categories, and it looks like a fabulous collection of resources! Good luck with this endeavor!