Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's new at Bringing up Baby Bilingual? (February 2012)

A new month brought new categories for my blogroll--radio in French, children's books in English--and more cool websites to share.  (I just wish I had more time to read everything they recommend, listen to everything they offer, try their activity ideas with Griffin and Gwyneth, and blog about my reactions!)

You can now find the following sites among the others in my blogroll:

Streaming radio in French:
French, Swiss, and Canadian radio stations--a list of links with short descriptions of each station's genre
Radio Barbouillots--Internet radio in French, featuring music for children
Radio Ouistiti--Internet radio in French for children, with songs and stories (but not all necessarily in French)
RFI Langue française--specifically for learners of French
RFI home page 

Children's lit:
365 Great Children's Books--a blog featuring thoughtful reviews of picture books by a mom whose background as a geography teacher brings a slightly different perspective than the other sites'
Read Aloud Dad--enthusiastic reviews of books for children (not just picture books) by a father who advocates reading to our children
Reading Rockets--literacy resources for parents

Language teaching activities:
French Activities from Beth Manners--coloring pages and more, including CDs for purchase (she also offers ideas and materials for Spanish as well)
LanguageMom French for Kids--a website with fun resources to support anglophone parents teaching their children French, with a program to purchase to use at home
Spanish Playground--resources and ideas for teaching Spanish to children

Gato and Canard--Blog by a Frenchwoman with a PhD in linguistics, married to a Portuguese man, living in Germany with their toddler
Multilingual Family in the UK--Connect with other families in the UK who want to get together to practice using the minority language; and even if you're not located in the UK, check out their links to language-learning resources in 18 languages (here's French, for example)
Panda Mom blog--American mom and Taiwanese-American dad learning Chinese with their children
Perogies and Gyoza blog--Canadian mom raising kids in Japan

Parenting resources:
Brain, Child magazine--I have subscribed since before Griffin was born, and this magazine makes me laugh and think and cry.  It's eye-opening and well-written.  Plus, it published an essay by my friend Kelly Feinberg, which won her a Pushcart Prize posthumously.)


  1. Brilliant Sarah thanks so much for sharing such great resources - I will definately be checking them out.

  2. Very useful thanks so much! I'll be having a good look at these :-)

  3. What a great list! Thanks for including me. ;)

    1. You're welcome! I don't know why I had neglected to include your blog earlier....

  4. Glad you all like them...but be careful! It's dangerous! It's easy to get sucked in and spend hours jumping from one link to another....