Sunday, February 12, 2012

joyeux anniversaire, mon grand petit Griff!

My sweet, beautiful, curious, running-leaping-dancing-singing, bibliophile boy is four years old.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Griffin's first time on snowshoes, February 2011
Snakes and Ladders meets Twister?
Cracking a confetti-filled Easter egg on Granddad's head
Griffin's first pinata at the library's Dia de los Ninos celebration 
Springtime smiles at the park
Frolicking in the fountain at Festival Plaza in Old Town Lafayette 
He composes, plays, sings, and dances, often simultaneously.
Up to something...
Bear is in Griffin's tummy, just like Maman's bebe 
Skeptical of this whole petite soeur business 
Chasing a train
Construction, followed by destruction.  Repeat ad infinitum 
Genuinely pleased to have a petite soeur to celebrate Noel with
Griffin and his cousin Carl (now six!) celebrate their birthdays.
Griffin's birthday party, shared with two friends with nearby birthdays, January 2012
And Gwyneth is already six months!


  1. Sarah! Happy birthday to Griffin! He's adorable just like his princess sister!
    Lena Didyk

  2. Sarah,
    The pictures are all so sweet. Griffin has grown so much! Gwyneth has the sweetest smile!! I love the new family picture...a real treasure. Hello Griffin, Hello Gwyneth.
    Much Love,
    Aunt Kathy
    Uncle Steve

    1. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve, I didn't know you read my blog! Thank you for the compliments. Oh, and the bear hidden under Griffin's shirt in the middle picture, that's the one you made for him.

  3. He's only four?!? How is that possible? He does so much! Joyeux anniversaire, Griffin! I knew you when you were the size of a jellybean!

    And, Sarah, enjoy this year. Kids, like good cheese, only get better with age. Until, you know, they start to turn rotten. But that's a whiles away yet... :)

  4. Yeah, four, crazy, right? Plus he just got his hair cut--his first crewcut--and I swear he looks like a ten-year-old. A very short ten-year-old.

    Griffin's preschool teacher: I can't believe that Griffin is turning five already.
    Me: Actually, he's going to be four.
    Teacher: But he's so smart!
    Me: [Smiles modestly and refrains from saying, "I know!"]

  5. That last picture of Gywneth is sooo cute!

    Bon Annivesaire Griffin! Felicitations maman et familie!

    (Hope that came out "happy birthday Griffin and Congrats maman and family". Its been ages since I've used French!)