Sunday, July 10, 2011

I must be doing something right!

At breakfast this morning, I cut a roughly triangular-shaped piece of cinnamon roll for Griffin. 

His reaction: "That looks like a croissant!"  And his pronunciation of the French word was impeccable!


  1. That's great! I just stumbled on your blog and I already love it! I'm actually learning a bit of French myself (a bit late haha) and I've been using Eton Institute phrasebooks but I also find watching French kids' cartoons to be very effective! Great blog :)

  2. Thanks! Bobtart, welcome and bonne chance as you study! What French cartoons do you like the best?

  3. i am also raising up my kid bilingual by teaching him both our national language, Urdu and English. i hope the way i am bringing him up benefits him.

    i think its all about how much you speak the second language with your child. if you speak the second language often, the child would catch sooner or later. so just remember to do some language showers and try to talk in the second language most of the time.

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  4. I liked your blog as soon as i found it! It's so nice and it's really great when your children are able to speak 2 languages since childhood!