Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Can I justify an iPad?

So I've been coveting an iPad for a while now and am wondering if y'all know of any apps in French for kids--games, books, etc.  A friend told me that the vast majority of the apps are published in English--but perhaps some fun French ones are available too?  I'd like to have some to play with Griffin (but wouldn't mind word games and such for me as well!).


  1. Hiya,

    L'Escapadou has a couple of apps, for example "Montessori Crosswords" (English only I think) and "Dictée Muette", which I believe is available in French.


    (Disclaimer: I know the developer)

    (I hope I didn't comment more than once, my browser plays up...)

  2. Gna, the two apps are the same thing, only "Dictée Muette" is French.

  3. Merci for the comments! I also would liek to knwo about the applications for iPad available in different languages!

  4. I have several apps for my iPhone in French for my son who I am also attempting to raise non-native bilingually. It's hard to find them though. There's a monster game called Feed me, some Dora games which can be played in French, a T'choupi app and Eric Carle My First App which can be played in French. The site 'moms with apps' had some recommendations for apps on which the language can be changed.

  5. Ooooh, guess what: my generous husband gave me an iPad when Gwyneth was born! (Every nursing mother should have one for these weeks when we spend 12 hours a day with our adorable little parasites on our laps.)

    I'm pleased with the French apps for Griffin (and moi) that I've found so far, including "Dictee Muette"! I'll do a post about them soon.

    Oh, who am I kidding? "Soon" loses meaning when you're the mother of a baby and a clingy, defiant three-year-old.

    Sometime. I'll write the post sometime!

    And in the mentime, I'll check out the apps recommended by nesomja!

  6. I have also found my iPhone invaluable as I have a new daughter too- aged 3 months now. Other ones we have found are Wheels on the Bus by duck duck moose but my son is not very into interactive songs and books, he prefers games. There are also 3 Samsam games and one called peekaboo barn, and another called Numberland. The last two are in English but you can change the language. Let me know if you find anything else! How old is Griffin?

  7. Ah, I just saw he is 3.5 so too old for wheels on the bus although Eleanor might like it!

  8. Thanks for the recommendations--I'll check them out! "Wheels on the Bus" is still one of Griffin's favorite songs.