Thursday, May 05, 2011

les histoires qui font peur (mais pas trop)

Delphine and Jenny led our 12th French storytime at the end of April, with the titillating theme of les histoires qui font peur (mais pas trop) [stories that scare you (but not too much)].  Along with a couple of fairy tales like Le petit chaperon rouge [Little Red Riding Hood], they shared a book about a child who was apprehensive about going down a big slide at the playgroup.

The story spinners even found a cute song about something a little scary: "Les squelettes" [skeletons], from Ana Lomba and Marcela Summerville's Play and Learn French.  All of the songs in this book accompanied by CD are originals designed for anglophones learning French, but they are sung in French with English translations and explanations in the book.
And for a craft after the formal storytime, Delphine had prepared an activity from Tête à modeler, a French website about arts and crafts for kids: we made simple cone-shaped finger puppets shaped like the animals who had appeared in the stories, like le loup [the wolf]!

Another great immersion experience for the francophones in our community!


  1. Great,thanks for the resource suggestions. I will check them out.

  2. Sarah

    I am pleased to say that after reading your post above I was straight onto Amazon and I bought 'Play and Learn French'. Well, I certainly havent been disappointed! What a great resource. I haven't had chance to listen to the CD all the way through as yet, but having leafed through the book I am already over the moon at the huge amount of 'parentese' there is in there for us non-natives to build into our conversations with our little ones.

    Thanks again.

  3. It looks like there's a new edition of this CD/book coming out this's already on Griffin's wish list! I wonder how it will differ from the first one?

    I think that the songs from this book are a lot better than the bilingual ones in "Teach Me French" and "Teach Me More French" and "Teach Me Even More French," which I'll review (someday) on this blog.