Thursday, February 24, 2011

come find me at CCFLT!

I know very few of you live in the Denver area, and even fewer are language teachers who might be planning on attending the CCFLT (Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers) Conference in Loveland this weekend. But hey, if you'll be there, please drop by my session on Friday at 8:00 am--I'm presenting "Second Language Teaching at Home: Strategies, Challenges, and Resources"!


  1. Hi Sarah! I saw you briefly in passing at CCFLT but didn't get the chance to say hi. I wanted to share this link with you for free children's books online, which was shared in one of the German sessions:

    Enjoy! Hope your session went well! Mine was at the same time, so I couldn't attend yours!

  2. Oh! I'm sorry I missed you! I hope your session went well too. I see from the program that you covered machine translation, which was turning into a big problem when I was teaching at CSU. I'll never forget the second year student who wrote a report on the movie "La haine," which features a character named "Said." Throughout her paper, the word "dit" appeared in the strangest contexts!

    I had fun at my session--we spent the whole time talking about our at-home language situations and asking each other for advice. Expect a post about it soon!

  3. Oh! (again) I just noticed there was another Kendra presenting on upper-level German activities at 8:00 as well. Perhaps that was you? That one looks jam-packed with useful materials!