Friday, February 18, 2011

c'est une fille!

This just in....we saw girl parts on Unicorn's ultrasound yesterday!

(My husband is prescient--he had already bought a fuzzy lavender stuffed unicorn for the baby the night before.)

She appears to be perfectly healthy despite my "advanced maternal age," so we're quite happy. We were also suprised and relieved to see her stick her tongue out at us, which means that she almost certainly isn't tongue-tied (a condition called ankyloglossia) like Griffin was. Whew!


  1. If the people you know are anything like the ones I work with, you'll be getting a ton of comments about having/getting the PERFECT family or the MILLION DOLLAR family or whatever other maybe more local variations on this theme people use.

    I'm hoping you can deal with it better than I did :) (These comments used to just drive me nuts, still do, though thankfully I don't get them much anymore as having a girl and a boy is old news by now.)

    Congratulations, again! Is Griffin excited yet?

  2. Felicitations, and thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

  3. I didn't even know you were expecting again!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! A girl! So exciting! When are you due?

  5. Merci beaucoup, everyone! I'm due on July 23.

    So far the idea seems to appeal to Griffin--he tells us that he has a baby in his belly button (!) too, and now and then he sticks his stuffed bear under his shirt to nurse it. So while his understanding of human anatomy is fuzzy, his attitude is great.

    It also helps that he sees his baby cousin at least once a week, during which time she usually sleeps a lot or cries a lot. So now he goes around saying "When I was a baby I was crying a lot" and "I was a baby and then I was starting to grew up" (and similar but less coherent statements in French).

  6. Hmmm. I was sure I had said 'Congrats!' and 'All the best people have a girl after a boy!' ;-)

    Ha! My son is convinced that he is pregnant too. Cute!