Sunday, September 19, 2010

school book orders in French!

My fellow readers in the US will probably remember fondly the days that your elementary school teachers sent home the Scholastic book order forms each month. The colorful, flimsy newsprint flyers offered four pages of age-appropriate books for cheaper than anything in the bookstore. Your teacher would collect the forms and the checks and send them in, then a few weeks later, lo and behold the brand-new books!

Susan, who blogs at LinguistKids and whom you may remember from her profile here on Bringing up Baby Bilingual recently, just learned that it's possible for US schools to receive the Scholastic Canada book orders which feature books in French! What's more, you just place your order online and they ship to your home for FREE! Read all about it here. Susan, thanks for sharing such a thrilling tip!


  1. That is the best case scenario for getting French books for kids, I think. Definitely belongs on the sidebar! Now, if only I could get the regular English books in France...

  2. I remember these books. what a great deal! shipping for free!