Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a new series: Learning French Around the Maison

I'm pleased to introduce the next series of my articles about activities to teach your children French, published at Multilingual Living!

My first series for Multilingual Living was called "Learning French In and Around the Garden." This next series takes place right at home: "Learning French Around the Maison." In this multi-part series, we will explore music, rhythm, and rhyme, with songs and comptines about what goes on in the house; art and drama; literacy activities; and tactile and kinesthetic activities. We'll also explore ways to learn vocabulary such as prepositions and names of furniture and rooms of the house all while using French in a meaningful context.

The first part of the series here is a round-up of relevant vocabulary as presented via lists, interactive pictures, audio files, and video clips.

The next part, to appear in two weeks, will cover songs and comptines. However, I'm stuck: I have not found a lot of songs or rhymes in French that related directly to houses and homes! If any come to mind, please please please share them in your comments.

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