Tuesday, August 03, 2010

take your kid into the backyard already!

In other words, part three of my series "Learning French In and Around the Garden" has just been published over at Multilingual Living. Please take a look--I hope it's helpful for those of you with little kids, regardless of what language you speak with them.

And now, a question: what topics would you recommend for future articles about language-learning activities? The editor and I anticipate keeping the same four-part format for each series (dividing the activities up according to their type: songs/rhymes/music, art/drama, literacy, and kinesthetic). But what should the content be?

It would probably be pretty easy to pick, say, seasons, or animals, or outer space, or food, and then find or develop activities around those themes. Or would you rather see lesson plans for something less commonly taught to little kids, like maybe geography or physics or mythology, or a topic less broad, such as a specific craft like weaving or a specific type of animal?

Please let me know if you have suggestions or requests! (Just keep in mind that the activities I write about are designed for younger children--kids Griffin's age through early elementary students, more or less.)


  1. Have you tried getting any children's story books in the target language (French in your case, I take it)? I've actually found that these are a great way for adults to learn a language and I've used them quite a bit to help me with my Spanish.

    Just a thought.


  2. Oh yes! I have used French picture books with my adult students, and Griffin has several bookshelves' worth of children's books and magazines in French. We read constantly! You'll find an annotated bibliography of some garden-related books in the article I referenced.