Friday, July 16, 2010

two new language "firsts" for Griffin!

Griffin's first unprompted meaningful conversation with a friend his age:

Griffin: What you doing?

Hannah: Digging.

Griffin: Making letters?

Hannah: No, digging.

Griffin: Digging?

Hannah: Digging.

(And then he sat down on the riverbank beside her to dig too.)

During that same playgroup, Griffin also did his first spontaneous translation from French to English so a friend could understand what we were talking about:

Maman: Griffin, tu veux jouer à la plage? [Do you want to play on the beach?]

Griffin: I want to jouer à la plage! You want to play in the sand, Loryn?

(Interesting--this shows me that his understanding of the word plage, beach, is that the "sand" idea is more important to him than the "water" idea.)


  1. It's amazing how they grow! Erin's new word is 'bere' which means to put away and which I cannot even begin to write phonetically. I am glad that's a word she picked up, even though she often ignores me when I say it to her.