Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in great company

I am absurdly proud of the fact that in my 225-person high school graduating class, I received a "senior superlative." (If you're not familiar with this cultural practice, it involves one's peers voting for the student who is "best dressed," who has the "most school spirit," who is "most likely to succeed," and so forth. One guy and one girl are chosen for each category. Usually it's a popularity contest.) How ill-suited was I for this sort of competition? Well, let me now reveal that I had never even spoken to the students who won "most popular"!

Anyway, the class of 1992 voted me "most original," which still tickles me.

But as that "election" was half a lifetime ago, I'm ready to move on: the website Lexiophiles has just opened voting for their annual Top 100 Language Blogs of 2010. Bringing up Baby Bilingual was chosen in 2008, but not 2009, when I had stopped posting regularly. I would so love to be included this year, especially since my blog has become much more important to me as my son develops into an honest-t0-goodness bilingual toddler.

So take a look at the list of the nominated blogs in the category of language learning, and if you think mine stands out, please vote for Bringing up Baby Bilingual!

Vote the Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2010

And congratulations to the nominees in all four categories: language learning, language teaching, language professionals, and language technology. (You can vote for one blog in each category.)

PS: What was your senior superlative? Or what do you wish it had been? What's the one adjective or phrase that sums up your teen years? Leave me a note in the comments!


  1. Here's my prediction for Griffin's senior superlatives: "Silliest," certainly, or based on his current trajectory, "Most Chaos-Causing." Or perhaps "Longest Eyelashes on a Boy" (they're dreamy!).

  2. "Most original" is quite the complement. You must have been somewhat known to get an -est. I didn't stick around high school long enough to get a senior superlative, but my guess is it might have been "Weirdest", which is funny, because I was pretty middle of the pack when I got to college. My high school just didn't have too much variation, I suppose.

  3. Oh, Estela, I totally would have voted for you for "weirdest." I would be proud to have been "weirdest"!