Saturday, November 28, 2009

Griffin's French friends

Proof that Griffin is realizing that English and French coexist and that Maman prefers to hear him speak the latter?

Griffin, leaning over his pack and play, reaching unsuccessfully for his favorite stuffed animals: "Friends! Friends! Uh-oh friends!"

Maman walks into the room. Griffin glances up, then continues, "Amis! Amis!"

He knew that "friends" and "amis" refer to the same thing and he knew instinctively which word to use with me!


  1. That's awesome. What a brilliant kid. :)

  2. That is excellent. My almost four year old will be talking to someone in English and turn to me (in the same conversation) and switch to Spanish.

  3. My 2 year old hasn't realized that she can't talk English to the cleaning lady yet (the cleaning lady only speaks Spanish), but she does switch back and forth in French and English with me kind of.

  4. Woo hooo :)

    It's always great to have those little 'Aha' moments, when we notice that something is sinking in!

    Does he do this regularly?
    My four year old is pretty good at this kind of thing, but with my 2 year old it's still hit or miss - he mixes and uses whatever word he knows, though occasionally he demonstrates that he knows exactly what's what.

  5. Wow! That is a great thing to be appreciated for a baby like Griffin. At this age, he is really brilliant differentiating two languages.
    Hats off to you, dear kid.

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  7. I'd love to hear of how Carl's French is progressing... Do you still speak exclusively in French to him? Do you still spend a whole day per week with him?

    If so, how have you found he has responded to that level of exposure? Does he speak English or French to Griffin?

    Merci bien !

  8. Just stumbled on your it!

    Wow that is great! My 2.5 yr old still speaks French to everybody, and is starting to notice that hardly anyone besides her immediate family understands what she's saying. She'll use English words around me that she's picked up from the playground or such.

    Oh, and I've gone from Maman to "Mommy" suddenly, thanks to her fellow peers. Oh well!

  9. Hi folks--thanks for your comments! Yes, Griffin is switching languages deliberately more and more now. He had started out learning one word per concept, and he'd use either English or French. Now he knows words in both languages for many of his favorite things and daily activities, so that's why he's getting better at alternating between them.

    A few other recent examples: he says "I stink!" to his daddy when he has a dirty diaper, but "Caca!" [poop] to me. And a seasonal example: he says "bonhomme neige" [snowman] to me and "no man" to everyone else.

    Stay tuned for a post about what's going with Carl and French....