Friday, July 11, 2008


Blog upgrade update:

I love the new header for this blog with my two favorite photos of my two favorite boys! Thank you, Peter--it makes the whole blog look better now.

Can you tell that the image on Griffin's t-shirt is the Eiffel Tower? I'm worried that it's too small to make out, but it's a perfect item for him to be wearing for this blog!

By the way, any suggestions of other posts to link to for the "Best of Baby Bilingual" section of the sidebar? Longtime readers especially, does anything stand out for you?

Renovations on the sidebar and of the post labels will continue throughout the summer....


  1. Like the new look. Please keep on speaking French to Carl and Griffin, they will be so thankful for it when they are a bit older! I am in Paris for the month trying to brush up on the intricacies of French grammar and pronounciation and it is tough!

    If you continue speaking French to them, they'll never have this experience (and they'll be delighted about it!)

  2. Congratulations Sarah! The blog looks fantastic, and Griffin looks even better! How lucky that he will be able to speak French with cousin Carl too, as he grows older! I'm cathcing up with blog-readings ans I don't often have the time, unfortunatrly, but look forward to reading about Griffin's first French performances! Clo