Friday, June 27, 2008

metalinguistic mamas back in town!

Today, we're meeting up with a couple of my good friends from grad school--we called ourselves the "Metalinguistic Mamas"--in the mountain town Glenwood Springs, Colo, home of the world's largest natural hot springs pool (it's a couple of blocks long!). It's been years and years since we've all been in the same state (the other Mamas have lived in Turkey, Mexico, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Mississippi since we graduated).

You've met two of these ladies before: Lori's daughter Amelia spent her toddler and preschool years in Kobe and now speaks better Japanese than her mom, and Amy has been speaking French with her four munchkins for years now.

And as delighted as I am to spend the day lounging by the pool with these fantastic families (Griffin proved himself a veritable merbaby his first time in the water), I'm also excited to speak French with Amy's kids in front of Griffin! Yes, he's still too little to process what language is being spoken and what it means--or can he?--but at least he'll hear other voices using Maman's language.

And we can't wait for later this summer when the fourth Metalinguistic Mama, Amanda, is visiting too!!!

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