Wednesday, December 12, 2007

recent Carl-isms

I can't figure out a way to tie all of these recent sayings of Carl's into a coherent post, so today it'll just be a list (heavy on his use of prepositions, which can seemingly function as any part of speech from verb to adjective to preposition)!

Tonton come over minute. (~ I want Uncle Ed [my husband] to come play with me soon.)

Carl sauting. (~ I'm jumping [sauter = to jump]

Want fait tchin-tchin. (~ I want to clink glasses with you. [Interestingly, when he asks his mom to clink with him, he says "do tchin-tchin." ])

Thé not froid. (~ Tatie's tea isn't cold.)

Carl done dodo. (~ I'm done with my nap.)

Owl neige. (After hearing me say "il neige"--it's snowing--a lot while watching the snow fall, in reference to dropping his stuffed owl.)

Carl no touch pas le CD. (~ I'm not supposed to touch the CD.)

Want bavoir off. (Bavoir = bib; why did he say the noun in French when it's a word he knows well in English?)

Tatie off pantalon. (~ Tatie's taking off my pants.)

Tatie eat out pizza. (Okay, so this one isn't in French at all, but I thought it was a fun use of the preposition "out" as a modifier--i.e., Tatie's eating the pizza she took out of the box.)

Carl on lunettes. (~ I'm putting sunglasses on.)

And one more "fun with prepositions": Carl haut socks. (Haut = high or over; he said this as he lay on his back and put his feet in the air.)


  1. very cute. It really is intersting what they come up with, how they mix and why they choose to use one word and not the other.
    Sounds like Carl is a really moulin à paroles!

  2. ha ha, he sounds adorable! Milo went through a stage too in which he loved mixinfg French and Italian...but didn't last long.
    I just realized reading your previous post that you're pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for signaling the Sedaris' essay, I finally read it last night and simply cracked up! I wish I wrote about it in a more humorous way too...

  3. Thanks, Clo! I'm glad you liked the Sedaris essay.

  4. Carl is doing a very cute code-switching .... those who don't know French will be feel very confused :D. Happy Holidays!! .. I was absent for a month or so, but I'm back with new spirit.