Saturday, November 10, 2007

a new "Tatie Teaches a Toddler" column

You'll find my regular column about helping my nephew learn French in the latest issue of Multilingual Living Magazine. In this one, "Cheers for Carl," I describe what sorts of things in French and in English he could say and understand at a year and a half old--and how he could already use two- or three-word sentences (and one four-word sentence) in French to narrate his activities, describe what he saw, and make requests. (Yes, as you might expect from this budding gourmand, he would ask for food!)

Remember, subscriptions to the magazine are only $12 per year, and you can request a free copy of the current issue if you want to check it out! Just click here. This online magazine, sponsored by the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network, publishes a lot of short, useful articles for people raising their child with more than one language, and the experts like Fred Genesee often weigh in.


  1. I need a print version of this magazine! I keep forgetting to read it. I don't think I ever finished the last issue.

    I'm sure your column is fabulous as usual!

  2. I know what you mean, Jeanne. I don't like reading a magazine online--I'd rather hold and turn pages and dog-ear corners and save articles. But I can understand that they don't have enough money to print it yet.