Saturday, November 17, 2007

insulted by my nephew--but insulted in French!

Carl and I were talking about hair the other day as he played with my hairbrush. Here's a faithful transcript of our conversation:

Tatie: Tu te brosses les cheveux, Carl? (You're brushing your hair?)

Carl: Yeah.

Tatie: Tu veux brosser les cheveux de Tatie? (Do you want to brush Tatie's hair?)

Carl: Yeah.

Tatie: Est-ce que Tatie a les cheveux longs ou courts? (Does Auntie have short or long hair?)

Carl: Cheveux longs. (Long hair.)

Tatie: Et Maman? Est-ce que Maman a les cheveux longs ou courts?

Carl: Maman cheveux longs.

Tatie: Et Papa? Est-ce que Papa a les cheveux longs ou courts?

Carl: Papa cheveux longs.

Tatie: Tu es sûr? Je crois que Papa a les cheveux courts, comme toi. Carl et Papa ont les cheveux courts. (Are you sure? I think Daddy has short hair, like you. Carl and and Daddy have short hair.)

Carl: Tatie has nez long. (Auntie has a long nose.)

Well! I never! At least he's speaking French.


  1. Hi, I LOVE your blog. Do you know about this website? I just found it again. I used to use it for teaching ESL, and remembered that it had settings for Spanish and French. You can purchase memberships for unlimited use for 6-12 months and use it to create as many flashcards as you want. Thought I'd pass it along. I'm using them because my kids and I are learning French together. It helps me fill in blanks, and we can label things around our house.

  2. Hi Carey--Thanks! The website URL didn't show up in your comment--could you upost it again, please?

  3. Aren't long noses supposed to be a sign of intelligence? Maybe he was complimenting you! Carl is a cutie.